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Site Guide

Here is a list of pages and posts that are most popular, and useful.

All lens reviews.  Lists all the lenses I’ve reviewed, including Minolta AF, Tamron, Sigma etc; and of course Sony ‘a’ and ‘e’ too.  Also look for a few older camera and equipment reviews, plus some micro four thirds lenses at the bottom.

Sony ‘E’ mount cameras  All Sony Mirrorless NEX, now known as ‘E’ mount cameras, (including aps-c and full frame) from day one are listed here, with original retail prices, date of introduction, and a few specs.

Sony ‘a’ mount cameras  All Sony ‘a’ mount DSLR and translucent types, (including aps-c and full frame) from day one are listed here, with original retail prices, date of introduction, and a few specs.  This mount is the same as Minolta’s ‘AF’ mount.

Sony RX series fixed lens cameras  You will find all of Sony’s fixed lens cameras here with an ‘RX’ designation, usually meaning with at least a one inch sensor or larger.

Recommended cameras and lenses  Currently, this page needs to be updated, as some of the products have been replaced by newer versions, or are no longer available. This page lists the products that I find useful, and that I’ve used for an extended period of time.

Recommended accessories  A bit dated, but I’ll add more soon. This page lists products that I think would be useful for the casual to advanced photographer.  Everything on this page I currently own, or have owned at one time.

Best low-light lenses for Sony  Currently, this page needs a serious update, will do that soon.  This recommended page lists lenses that I believe work well at F/2.8 or faster, and are typically used hand-held in low light.

E’, and ‘FE’ lens chart  A chart from the old site that’s missing the newest lenses. I’ll replace this chart with an updated one in the future. For an up to date list of all lenses available for this mount, go here.

‘a’ mount lens chart  Lists all the lenses made by Sony for their DSLR and translucent cameras, and uses the same mount as Minolta AF cameras.

Lens comparison page  Here you’ll find a large selection of lens tests and comparisons; good for a rainy day or while wasting time at work.

Quick lens evaluation  No longer updated, but still useful.  Here you’ll find a list of all the ‘a’ mount lenses I’ve reviewed, except the Konica Minolta versions of the Sony rebadges.  There are no mirrorless ‘E’ mount lenses listed here. I’ve included a quick blurb with my thoughts about each lens.

Sony and Minolta AF lens price guide  I have not updated this since 2012, but It’ll give you a good idea of the prices back then.

Flashes etc  Nice selection of flashes for Minolta/Sony, and a few other related products.

Frequently asked questions  Here I answer a few questions that occasionally come up. Dated, but I’ll add more soon.

Miscellaneous stuff  Old brochures, price guides, a Grand Canyon tour and more.

Useful links  Some of the websites that I like and visit.

Old home page posts  This goes to the old site. You can easily find all my old home page posts on this page. All of the posts are on this site, but I have not organized them yet.

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