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Surprise On The Rise

Think you need a $4500 Sony A9 and expensive trick lens to take fast action shots?  The photographer that caught this moment was probably using an early 1950s rangefinder, or a press 4×5 with sport finder; try using one of those today in a similar situation and see if you can come up with anything remotely usable.

Swedish amateur motorcyclist …

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Film camera ads and prices from 1999

If you're bored at work, how about checking out a four page B&H Photo ad from a February 1999 Popular Photography magazine?  During the late 1990s the film industry was still going fairly well, but dark clouds were on the horizon.  As I look through the ads, I'm amazed at the prices they were charging, and apparently getting for some of the higher end camera gear.  Keep in mind these prices have been steeply discounted from high volume retailers; your local camera shop probably charged significantly more than what you see here. The swell, (and nearing the end of its life) Nikon 35Ti is $649, the newer Fuji GA645Wi is $1679, and the old, (and nearing the end of their lives) Fuji GW690III series are around $1250, which is actually much less than I would have guessed.

It's kinda fun looking through the old Photography magazines once in a while, not just for the ads, but the articles and reviews too.  These pages...

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