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Minolta AF 100-200mm F/4.5 Review

Here’s a brief look at the Minolta AF 100-200mm F/4.5 telephoto zoom lens.  Scroll down for the main review.

Lens Minolta AF 100-200mm F/4.5 Box contents
Front and rear caps, hood, and users manual. Cost Available on eBay for around $100, depending on condition. Build quality Very good Additional information
Lower price alternative to the Minolta AF 70-210mm F/4 Specifications

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Minolta AF Lens Manuals

Below are scanned images of original Minolta AF lens manuals.  I have English and French so far.  If you have original Minolta AF lens manuals in languages other than what you see here, or for different lenses, please send a message if you’d like to help by sending scanned copies as PDFs.


The Minolta AF lens manual front covers …

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