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Sony/Minolta AF Lens Price Guide

Page last updated in 2012. Due to time constraints, I’m no longer updating this page.  To check the latest selling prices on eBay, put in a search for your item, then go to ‘advanced’ just to the right of the search box.  Once on the advanced page, go down to the ‘search including’ section and check the ‘completed listings’

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Sony SteadyShot vs Sigma Optical Stabilizer

Sony DSLR users may, or may not know they don’t get any visual benefit from sensor-shift type image stabilization, that is, the Sony SteadyShot stabilization only begins its job once the mirror is up and out of the way, after you press the shutter button.  Canon and Nikon DSLR users have grown accustomed to seeing the smoothing effects of their …

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Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 Test Samples

Sample crops from the centers, mid-sections and corners.


The APS-C section using the Sony A700 is first, followed by the full frame results.


Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 @70mm


Reference image for crops below.  The mid-section and corner crops come from repositioning the subject in the frame accordingly.  Subject is about 400′ (122m) away.




          Center           Mid-section

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Useful Links

Here are a few websites that I find interesting and worth checking out.  The listing below is not in order of importance, I’m just adding the links as I remember them.


Petapixel   A huge site for all things photography.  Some very useful info here, and some not-so-useful stuff; which reminds me; they featured one of my articles years ago …

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200mm Tele Zoom Shoot-out

This is a comparison between the lenses listed below, all crops were taken from the center of the image at 200mm or 210mm.  If the image box is empty, that means the aperture listed is not available on that lens.  The camera used for this comp is the Sony A900.

When looking at the crops, keep in mind the …

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