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Sony and their systems

I wrote a post a couple of years ago (on this site but got canned in the redo) about Sony’s rough roll-out of their camera business, and took a lot of heat for it.  People didn’t like how I pointed out the average selling price for one of Sony’s lenses (real high!), and the fact that their full frame offerings …

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Sony NEX LA-EA2 Adapter Review

Sony NEX LA-EA2 Box & Case

Here at Photojottings, the most requested photo accessory to review (lately) is the LA-AE2 adapter, which seems to be very appealing to Sony alpha users that plan on jumping on the NEX cameras, especially the NEX-7.   This adapter allows Minolta AF and Sony a-mount lenses to auto-focus when mounted on the newer NEX cameras.  Currently, Sony’s US website is …

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