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May 20 2013


Updates etc.

I’ve fallen behind trying to update my product links that go to ‘discontinued items’ on my recommended stuff, and that’s fixed now hopefully, let me know if there’s a link to an outdated product.

I forgot to mention a few months ago B&H Photo started carrying RadioPoppers triggers.  I’ve been using them for several years and …

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May 9 2013


DXOmark tests 70-400mm, comes to same conclusion I did 4 years ago.

 DXOmark tested the new version of the Sony 70-400mm G lens, and called it among other things ‘one of the sharpest superzooms’ which was basically my conclusion when I reviewed it in May of 2009.  They go on to say performance could be a bit better wide …

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May 3 2013


New Zeiss and Sigma for Sony NEX lenses Soon available.

Sigma announces a 60mm F/2.8 prime for Sony NEX and MFT users.  Equivalents in 135 film format are: Sony 90mm, and MFT 120mm.  I’m thinking portrait and low light sports use, or maybe landscape pans.  The price is great—$239, let’s hope the optical quality is too.  Of course …

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April 29 2013


Shakin’ down the Sony NEX 20/2.8.

I’ve been testing out the new 20/2.8 pancake from Sony over the last couple of weeks.  Now I have to start writing up the review.  I can say at this point it’s much sharper than the 16/2.8 at all apertures, but it is a different focal length, so a direct comparison is not …

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April 22 2013


Sony “shoot what you love” video series, and other news.

Sony created a new video series called “shoot what you love” now available at, check it out.  There are four programs, one on Monday; three on Wednesday, and I believe you can view them free during the live broadcast, with purchasing available if you miss them or …

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April 8 2013


Sony NEX PZ 16-50mm review.

Check out the full review of the very small retractable zoom lens from Sony for the NEX system.
This is a pretty cool lens for people that want to carry their camera in a purse or pocket; it performs reasonably well, and is much better and more useful than the 16mm F/2.8 pancake.  Is …

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