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October 14 2013


Not the IQ I had in mind for a Zeiss.

I took the Zeiss 16-70mm zoom out for some serious test shots, and in the process discovered the images are far less than what I had in mind for a lens costing $1000.  Here’s the thing; the centers are very sharp and impressive at F/5.6 at all focal lengths,…

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October 10 2013


New arrival; Sony Zeiss 16-70mm F/4 OSS.

I have the new Zeiss 16-70mm zoom now, and official testing will begin this weekend.  It’s pretty small and light weight, although it looks big on the NEX-C3 below.  It would compliment the 10-18mm, and may be the only two lenses you’d ever need for the NEX APS-C system: well, this

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October 7 2013


Updated info.

The Rokinon 16mm F/2 for Sony alpha review will be delayed for a while.  My copy has an issue with the focusing mechanism (shifting when ring reversed) which causes image quality problems sometimes.  I wasted an entire day screwing with it.  I’ve ordered another, and hopefully that one will be right.  This lens has the potential to …

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September 20 2013


New Rokinon 16mm F/2 in for review.

Well I’m back and ready to update the site—it’s been almost a month!! I’ve been busy with a massive back log of photography work and think I’ve finally sent out all the finals to customers.  If you’re a decent photographer, Tucson AZ is a great place to get work; I turn more…

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August 30 2013


Zeiss 12mm Touit Review complete.

I added a ghosting shot and some color fringing crops to the 12mm Zeiss review, so it’s done now.  I should have the Ziess 32/1.8 review done in a week or two.

If you want Adobe Lightroom 5, it’s on sale for $99 today only.  If you already have Lightroom, get the …

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August 27 2013


New Sony Cameras and lenses.

Sony launches a new budget camera, and a couple of new lenses for e-mount.  The new A3000 camera has a 20mp sensor, takes e-mount lenses with a price point of $399 with the 18-55mm kit lens.  It has a low resolution EVF and fixed LCD, but how much can you expect for that price? …

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