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New goodies have arrived for review, this time the Sony FE 28/2 with accessories!

New on my desk is the Sony 28mm F2 wide angle lens for the full frame 'FE' system, along with the fisheye and ultra wide converters. I'll be reviewing each one separately.  Oddly, the converters seem to be larger and heavier than the host lens, check the boxes out.

Look for some resolution samples in a day or two.

Sony FE 28mm F/2    B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.

Sony Fisheye converter.    B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.

Sony Ultra wide converter.     B&H Photo, Amazon, eBay.

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Larger, heavier, and less portable

When Sony announced the new A7 and A7R in 2013, the press release stated in part; “The A7 and A7R cameras are significantly smaller, lighter and more portable than any other full-frame interchange lens camera.”  I thought great, finally a full frame system that’s lightweight, small and portable; now I can do away with my ‘a’ mount full frame …

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Sony and their systems, three years later

It's been three years since I wrote a post called 'Sony and their systems,' see the old post here. In that article, I covered each system, number of cameras and lenses, and the average retail price.  It was quite an eye opener then, with lens prices coming in higher than expected, and the overall selection of new lenses and accessories was a bit disappointing.  So how are things looking three years later? Really good, or really bad, depending on what system you bought in to.

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Cosina -Voightlander lenses for Sony FE

Cosina announces three Voightländer branded lenses for Sony mirrorless full frame cameras; one was actually announced last year, but now they have 'improved' the specifications and appearance and added the other two.  The release date and price is yet unknown, and for all we know it could be another year before they are widely available. I've used Voightländer lenses on film cameras, but not with digital, so we'll see after I review them.

35mm F/1.4, likely an eight element (8/6) lens that looks quite small, no official specs yet or price.

40mm F/1.2, another small, yet fast lens, no idea of the optical formula, no official specs yet or price.

65mm F/2 Macro APO Lanthar; a fancy Voightländer heritage name with nifty red-green-blue hash marks.  Half macro size 1:2.  No official specs or price.

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New Sony FE lenses and flash

Sony Introduces two new lenses for the FE system, both full frame compatible, (sorry 'a' mount folks, you'll have to keep waiting for your new lenses).  

The first is a budget minded 85/1.8 'portrait' lens, coming in at a decent price of $600 USD.  

The second lens is a $1500 USD 100mm F/2.8 STF G Master, designed very much like the one I reviewed a few years ago, but a bit shorter at 100mm instead of 135mm.  One hundred millimeters is awfully close to 85mm, and at F/2.8, (with a 'T' rating of F/5.6), this is a slow lens!  I'm scratching my head on the 100mm focal length decision. Hopefully Sony will come out with an FE version of the spectacular 135/1.8 Zeiss lens, which I would much rather have than the STF.  Check out the review above to see if STF is right for you!!

Also announced, a new radio flash for people that don't want to buy separate radio triggers, retail around $400 USD. Availability in March.

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Welcome to Photo Jottings!

Welcome to Photojottings Version 3.0!  Go here for more info.

Photojottings and Kurtmunger have been combined!!  Everything on my old site is here, but you’ll probably want to use the search box to find something. I added all the old site pages from the left side navigation bar to the header above, so that may help.

As always with …

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