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Camera, and format (xxx)

Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 75mm F/4.5 A 1950s folder. (6×6)

Fuji GSW690III 65mm F/5.6 Big camera, and big resolution! (6×9)

Pentax ME Super with 40/2.8 A very small 35mm camera. (135)

Kodak Brownie Hawkeye A fun but low def camera from the 1950s. (6×6)

Fuji GW690III 90mm F/3.5 Big camera, and big resolution! (6×9)

Kodak HD power flash Single use camera Better than you think! (135)

Ilford HP5 Single use camera Worse than you think, don’t bother reading the review. (135)

Ansco Color Clipper outfit A quirky camera from the 1950s. (6×6)

Fuji GS645S Wide 60 Nice camera, bad design, mid 1980s. (6×4.5)

Fuji QuickSnap flash single use camera Better than you think, no.2. (135)

Canon Elph Jr mid to late 1990s APS camera, will put to shame many good 35mm cameras.

Nikon 35 Ti One of the very best pocket 35mm cameras, from the early 1990s. (135)

Kodak No. 1 green folding pocket camera from the 1930s, much better resolution than you think! (6×9)

Olympus XA 35mm F/2.8 Very small, but not great quality, early 1980s. (135)

Minolta Autopak 460Tx Fun and good quality camera, 1980. (110)

Olympus 35 SP Very high quality lens, one of the best rangefinder fixed lens cameras, early 1970s. (135)

Kodak Star 535 early 1990s, worse than you think. (135)

Kodak Duaflex IV Better than you think, from the 1950s. (6×6)

Spartus Spartaflex Nice features, and awful features, late 1940s, early 50s. (6×6)

Film image observations featuring Kodak Film taken by me or my dad.

Kodak Moment #12 Baby St Antoine, then and now comparison, first around 1960.

Kodak Moment #11 ROK ‘n’ roll soldier runs his truck off the road.

Kodak Moment #10 A Rupp Sno-Sport snowmobile from the 1960s.

Kodak Moment #9 Boulder Manor home by Earl Young using huge boulders!

Kodak Moment #8 ROK soldier calls home for Christmas in war torn Korea.

Kodak Moment #7 This is a cool snowmobile we used to have, called a ‘Raider.’

Kodak Moment #6 A winning custom car at a Detroit auto show around 1960.

Kodak Moment #5 A quirky home taken with a film camera and stitched together; and another one in Charlevoix MI.

Kodak Moment #4 Another interesting home in Charlevoix MI by Earl Young.

Kodak Moment #3 A cheap 1980s 110 camera in the exciting city of West Berlin.

Kodak Moment #2 A Kodachrome ‘Children of Chonan’ shot from Korea in1952/3.

Kodak Moment #1 Here we look at an interesting and pretty home in Charlevoix MI using some cheap color film.

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